JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 21 June 2016

JohnnyTalk: The Alternate history of Fallout

Hello Everybody and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Today, I've been studying the story of the popular game, Fallout. It is a turn-based RPG which takes place in a post apocalyptic world devastated by a Nuclear War. Now, I personally have no interest in playing the game since it is a RPG, a personal gaming sore spot. But anyway, exactly how the world in Fallout was devastated by a Nuclear War actually goes very deep than you may think. So, have a seat and help yourself to a Nuka-Cola as I talk about the history of the Fallout story.

The history of the world in fallout is in fact pretty much the same as history in the real world, the United States emerges the victor in World War 2 as it dropped the famous Atomic Bombs on Japan, endin…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 13 June 2016

JohnnyTalk: Phoenix Wright Anime

Hello everybody and welcome to a another edition of JohnnyTalk. Today, I have found something interesting. An Anime which is based on a video game. This is based on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Note: Because this anime is still only in Japan and has yet to see a localized version, the voices are in Japanese, but there are English subtitles to.....clear up the confusion.

Now, like a lot of anime or some other TV Shows based on a video game, the first few episodes are straight from the game itself such as Phoenix defedning his friend Larry Butz in a case involving the murder of his girlfriend: Cindy Stone and him defending Mia's sister; Maya in a case involving the murder of Mia. In Ace Attorney as there are 10 episodes so far. Though, some of th…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 June 2016

Johnny's Game Profle~Mace: The Dark Age

Hello again everybody and welcome to the very first edition of Johnny's Game Profile. Here I'll tell you some interesting details of a certain game, long and lost in the dustbin of gaming history and what some concepts of the game's story and gameplay of the game. For my first edition. I will talk about the story and gameplay of Mace: The Dark Age.

Taken place in the turn of the 14th century, and most of the world is envoloped in a veil of darkness thanks to an evil being known as Asmodeus who founded a powerful weapon known as The Mace of Tanis, said to bestow it's weilder with unimaginable power but the weapon's power comes from deception, poverty, disease and war. So, Asmodeus decides to infuse the weapon's power to seven people known to…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 12 May 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: Super Chase

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today, I'm going to talk about an obscured Arcade game: Super Chase.


An update of another arcade car game Chase HQ. This is not a racing game by any means, you play as a special police officer that goes all over the country caputring criminals in your car which resembles a Porsche sports car.

There are 5 stages in this game, and they're pretty straight forward, catch up to the criminal before time runs out, but as you persue the perps, you must dodge traffic and other ostacles and even sometimes flee helicopters that shoot at you, biker gangs getting in your way and even on the car, and even criminals on a speeding train that throw dynamite at you. You get to drive a J…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 9 May 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: 8 Eyes

Hello everybody and welcome to another eidition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today I;m going to talk about another obscured game, this time it's the NES game 8-Eyes.

Taken place in a Post-Apocalyptic World run by a man known as "The Great King", he rules with great wisdom and charisma. That is until a woman named Ruth and the other 7 people that once served him had betrayed him and sealed him away as well taken possession of the magical gems called the "8-Eyes" which can destroy the world if fallen into the wrong hands. The Great King's finest warrior: Orin now has the task of resucing his master and recovering the 8-Eyes.

This game is one of the more unusual games that I have played or even heard of. You may remember me mentioning the game in …

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 8 May 2016

JohnnyTalk: Celebrities & Video Games

Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Today, I would like to talk about some movie celebrities that were in video games (which includes some movie licensed games), now this is about Celebrities or their likeness used for a game, not just a celebrity that has their name on the box of a game. So, don't expect games like John Elway's Quarterback or Ken Griffey Jr's All-Star Baseball, and this won't be about generic sports games like MLB: The Show or Madden.

  • 1 Mike Tyson~Punch-Out!!
  • 2 Sylvester Stallone~Various Games
  • 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger~Various Games
  • 4 Jackie Chan~Various Games
  • 5 Aerosmith~Revolution X
  • 6 Jet Li~Rise To Honor
  • 7 Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig~Various James Bond Games

This talk blog kicks off (or should I say *Punch…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 7 April 2016

JohnnyTalk: Johnny declares war.

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Today I am offocially declaring war. Okay, not really, but I would like to talk about some of the surprising references of wars from the video game: Advance Wars.

Based on the Japan exclusive Nintendo game: Super Famicom Wars, Advance Wars is about some turn-based strategy  with using units to defeat your opponent as well as capturing cities and bases. But you probably didn't know that there are some suprising references about wars in this game, mainly World War 2.

  • 1 Orange Star
    • 1.1 Andy
    • 1.2 Max
    • 1.3 Sami
  • 2 Blue Moon
    • 2.1 Olaf
    • 2.2 Grit
  • 3 Yellow Comet
    • 3.1 Kanbei
    • 3.2 Sonja
  • 4 Green Earth
    • 4.1 Eagle
    • 4.2 Drake
  • 5 Black Hole
    • 5.1 Sturm

Orange Star is the main faction that you will play as in the game as the COs (Commanding…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 5 April 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: Inspector Gadget

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today I have yet another video I would like to share that is based on another form of different media, this time this is based on a cartoon that was a favorite of mine when I was a kid, it's called Inspector Gadget.

As Gadget's beloved niece: Penny is kidnapped by M.A.D. that is led by the evil Dr. Claw (Gadget's arch-enemy), Gadget was given the job to rescue her.

This game along with it being based on a cartoon, it also burrows some gameplay elements from other games. Gadget can jump and even punch and kick enemies. However, Gadget also can collect many power-ups which are similar to Castlevania as Gadget can collect Gadget power-ups such as his Gadget-Copter whi…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 20 March 2016

JohnnyTalk: No love for Mario and Liu Kang

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Now, I've been around the internet lately (especially on Facebook and Youtube) and I have been quite disappointed with other gamers who are also on the Internet, and it seems that there is almost no love for some of the video game world's old characters (in particular, Mario and Liu Kang). Now, let me start with my personal favorite: Mario, that's right, Everybody's Favorite Plumber.

Paper Mario: Color Splash has been announced in Nintendo's recent Nintendo Direct video (which you can view on Youtube.) and it uses some of the similar concept as the recent Popular game: Splatoon where when Mario uses a Hammer, colors *splash* all over the place, which is cruical to the game (as far…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 4 March 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: U.N. Squadron

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today, I'm going to talk about another game that that is based on Japanese anime. This game is called U.N. Squadron

U.N. Squadron is based on the Japanese anime: Area 88 which a commercial jet pilot in training: Shin Kazama who wishes to lead a life of his profession and be married to his girlfriend was duped by a long  time friend to join a group of Mercenary Pilots who won't let anybody who joins to leave until he gains $1,000,000. So, Shin and another pilots named Mickey Scymon and Greg Gates to put a stop to a weapon program called Project 4 before it's unleashed to the world.

This is a side scrolling shooter which is quite unique for the time. There was also an Arca…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 March 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: The Mafat Conspiracy

Hello everybody and here's the first edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today, I'll talk about a strange video game that was quite obscured, but was very versatile in the ways of gameplay: The Mafat Conspiracy.

The Mafat Conspiracy is the continuing story of the Anime character: Duke Togo (code named: Golgo 13) who is a hired assassin who smokes, drinks and sleeps with women he just met (almost like James Bond). In this game, he investigates the mystery of an American orbiting weapon crashing into the Swiss Alps, and threatening letters were sent to both the American and Soviet Governments, as the relationship between the 2 countries begins to deteriorate, Togo must find out who made those letters and find the terrorist organization called:…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 March 2016

Johnny Watches Youtube: Introduction

Hello everybody, and this another blog page I have made, this is where I show you videos of games that I watched on Youtube.

of course I don't just watch the videos, I'll also talk about them, what the game is like, or if I played it or not or some interesting facts about it.

So, my first episode will come on shortly.

Happy gaming.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 18 February 2016

JohnnyTalk: World Heroes, who they really are.

Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Today, I'm going to give you a bit of a history lesson, and it's about some of the references in the Tournament Fighting Game: World Heroes 2.

This game was very fun on the Super NES, I couldn't keep away from this game. Though, the original Neo-Geo version was hard as basically any SNK-Playmore TFG during the time. But you probably don't know that the characters in this game are actually based on real world historical figures.

  • 1 Hanzou
    • 1.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 2 Fuuma
    • 2.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 3 Janne
    • 3.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 4 Dragon
    • 4.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 5 Rasputin
    • 5.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 6 J. Carn
    • 6.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 7 Brocken
    • 7.1 Real-Life Counterpart
  • 8 Muscle Power
    • 8.1 Real-Life Counte…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 14 January 2016

JohnnyTalk: The Legend of Zelda Timeline

Hello again and welcome to another edition of JohnnyTalk. Now this edition will talk about the strange and unusual (and even contradictory) things about the timeline of The Legend of Zelda.

This timeline that you see here, is according to the current writer and producer of the franchise: Eiji Aonuma and was published in the book: Hyrule Historia (whih is available on for about $40-60). Now there are a lot of things that are strange and wierd about Aonuma's interpretation of the LOZ timeline, and some things that make no sense either.

  • 1 Beginning Timeline
    • 1.1 Skyward Sword
    • 1.2 Pre-Minish Cap
    • 1.3 Minish Cap
    • 1.4 Four Swords
    • 1.5 Ocarina of Time
  • 2 Link Loses
    • 2.1 Pre-A Link to the Past
    • 2.2 A Link to The Past
    • 2.3 Oracle of Seasons/Ages
    • 2.4 Link's Awakening
    • 2.5…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 9 January 2016

JohnnyTalk: Introduction

Hello everybody and welcome to my first edition of JohnnyTalk.

On JohnnyTalk, I will talk about some quirky, wieird, strange and interesting things that we normally don't think about when it comes to our favoruite video games.

Things that may have a real life influence for the creation of the game.

Things that may have an interesting fact about.

Things that are just.........well, quirky, strange and wierd.

Anyhow, the things that you may or may not find interesting about a video game.

Well, I may soon come up with something, so stick around.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 January 2016

Johnny's Top 5 games of 2015

Hello everybody and Happy New Year to you all. As I did last year, I will post here my top 5 games that I have played in 2015, some of these games actually came as of late as (as I posted in my last blog) got a Playstation 4 for Christmas. Some of the games aren't even from this year, but this is because of lack of games from 2015. Anyway, here's my list of top 5 games of 2015.

  • 1 5. Megaman Legends
  • 2 4. Capcom vs. SNK 2
  • 3 3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3-D
  • 4 2. Super Mario Maker
  • 5 1. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Despite that this game isn't entirely new, and I already played this game for the Nintendo 64, but this game still was enjoyable since it came out in the late 1990's. Stepping away from platforming and moved on to be a bit more like The Le…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 January 2016

Playstation 4

Hello once again everybody.

I appologize that this is late, but this past Christmas, I have received a Playstation 4 after trying earlier this year to get one myself.

Already, I like it as it has a great design and a sleek look to it. Though, it took me a while to get used to the controller as it has a huge panel-like thing in the middle and the small light that keeps changing color, and it also can record and take snapshots (much like my game capture device) but it's a bit more complicated to use.

I only have few games for it as of right now, but hopefully my PS4 library will increase as time goes on.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 22 November 2015

The New Order's Inspiration

I normally don't talk about TV shows on my wiki (since my wiki is mostly about video games), but what is available now on Amazon Prime (a membership version of the store website) is a show based on the Phillip K. Dick novel: The Man in the High Castle which is about the world (mostly the United States) in an alternate timeline where the Axis Powers are the winners of World War 2. This has or have not inspired Wolfenstein: The New Order which is also in a world run by the victorious Axis Powers. however there are notible differences between the book (and the amazon show) and the game as well as some references that support this claim.

  • 1 How the Axis Won
  • 2 Nazi Technology
  • 3 Releations with Japan
  • 4 Hitler's Whereabouts
  • 5 Resistance

High Castle: It has been …

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 13 June 2015

Video game rumors going out of control: Is Ryu ready to *Smash*?

Hello again, JohnnyOTGS here. As of today, there are a great deal of rumors going out regarding to more characters in Super Smash Bros.(Wii U). Of course we already know about Mewtwo: The #150 Pokemon who was in Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube which is one of the reasons why that version of Smash Bros. is famous. Now, in the Wii U version, there has been a leak of other DLC Characters coming to this version. One of them is Roy from Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword and also appeared in Melee, Lucas from the Japanese version of Earthbound (known as Mother in Japan), and (believe it or not) it's also said that Ryu from Street Fighter is also going to be in the latest Smash Bros. game.

Now as much as I would love Ryu to be in Smash Bros. I'm not sure …

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 1 January 2015

Johnny's Top 5 games of 2014

Hello everybody and Happy New Year to you all. Today, I'm going to share with you is my very own Top 5 games of 2014.

  • 1 5.Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • 2 4.Hyrule Warriors
  • 3 3.Mario Kart 8
  • 4 2.Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • 5 1.Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

What I liked about this game is that it had everything Donkey Kong Country Returns had and then some. Apart from the jumping, barrel cannons and plane movement among stages, it also brought along DK's good friends: Diddy, Dixie and his father: Cranky, and each of them has their their very own distinct abilities that helps DK in a lot of good ways. The Atmosphere of all of the worlds you traverse are very rich, my personal favorite is the Bright Savannah World which gives it a very rich look as if yo…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 10 June 2014

Addressing to Mortal Kombat rumors

Hello once again. I'm here to address to recent rumors regarding to a Mortal Kombat game that's being said that it will come out sometime next year (supposedly). But as of right now, these are just rumors.

Why? Because the information that we have on this new MK game is vague. Another piece of evidence is that there's not enough information, and assuming that the new MK game is going to be a sequel, then there would have to be almost an entirely new set of characters. Of course, returning would be Raiden, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Scorpion and Quan Chi (though Liu Kang would be an iffy, because whether he lived or died at the end of Mortal Kombat R remains uncertain). It would also have to be like Mortal Kombat 4 because it's chronologically the n…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 8 June 2014

My first look at Mario Kart 8

I was out in my local mall today and when I went to buy Wolfenstein: The New Order, I have played the demo version of the recently released Mario Kart 8, and already (I haven't played the actual game yet) I'm starting to like it. Mario and his friends ride on their iconic Go-Karts that have tires that also act as a Magnetic diffusers which allows the karts to float in mid-air (like we see in a lot of Sci-Fi space Movies and TV Shows such as Star Wars). I've played in several stages, and my favorite out of them all so far is that there's a track taken place at an Airport where you must avoid an airplane that is taking off from the runway.

I chosen the game to the one to get after I have returned Wolfenstein (now I have actually bought the game)…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 24 November 2013

New grading system

Hello everybody. I just want you to know that I'll ber changing the grading system for my game reviews. Instead of rating games and their catagories from 1 through 10, I'll be grading them A through F (like in school). This is to better understand the strengths and weakness.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 15 October 2013

Castlevania. The perfect game for Halloween.

Hello again. It's been a while since I have posted a blog on my talk page. Today I'm posting another one.

As a lot of you know, that it's time to think of Halloween. Of course, a lot of gothic monsters are associated with the holiday. (e.g., Frankenstein, Skeletons, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Ghosts). But because I'm a gamer, Whenever I think of Halloween, I also think of Castlevania.

Why? Because it's the perfect game for Halloween as it contains a lot of Halloween's monsters and ghosts.

Lately, I've been watching Castlevania video gameplay on Youtube, and played some Castlevania games that I currently have.

In some ways, I think that Castlevania on halloween is something much sweeter than candy.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 9 March 2013

Hyrule Historia

Hello again everybody. I almost forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago, I bought a book on called the "Hyrule Historia", this is based off of the known Legend of Zelda games to date. I've seen exerpts of this book on many parts of the internet, and wanted the book itself.

As I said before, I'm more of a fan of Super Mario Bros. then Legend of Zelda, but being familiar with the franchise since the very first game, I woud like to share what is in the Historia.

Now, it tells you short stories of all of the Legend of Zelda games that are released up to this point and it even shows you some art work of the characters and even enemies and even have notes from the brains behind the game franchise (E.G. Shieru Miyamoto).

If you ask me, I al…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 8 January 2013

My view on the Wii U

Hello Everybody and Happy 2013 to you all. Just today, I have received the Wii U in the mail, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it a lot already. Of course, the features on the console are like it's predecessors the Wii and the Nintendo 3-DS. It has the ability to connect to the internet (of course) and the ability to create Miis and even check into a place where you can meet other Miis called the Miiverse and even an E-Shop Channel where you can download old games and even add DLC to disc games as well. You can also access NetFlix and Youtube on the Wii U. There's even Nintendo Network (though not new or unique to the Wii U). You can also connect your Nintendo 3-DS to the Wii U as well.

Though I can't help but negatively criticize the co…

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 4 November 2012

JohnnyOTGS with a thought: Keep Gaming

Hello again. Of course if anybody on the East Coast who was recently effected by Hurricane Sandy and thinking that all is lost and have nothing left. I JohnnyOTGS is sending out a message to all of you gamers out there on the East coast is sending you a thought: Keep Gaming. Just because a Hurricane has hit you guys hard and was ravaged, don't let that get you down and quit gaming, gaming is like life, it resumes no matter how devestating a natural disaster may be.

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JohnnyOTGS JohnnyOTGS 27 December 2011

My view of the Nintendo 3-DS

Hello everybody. Now as I posted in my review of Super Mario 3-D Land, I now have the new handheld game system: the Nintendo 3-DS. This was a supposedly surprise Christmas Present from my family, of course I only have the preformentioned game for it as of right now. But this particular blog is about the handheld system itself and the kind of features it has on it.

  • 1 Features
    • 1.1 Health & Safety Channel
    • 1.2 Game channel
    • 1.3 Camera
    • 1.4 Sounds
    • 1.5 Mii Maker channel
    • 1.6 Street Pass Mii Plaza channel
    • 1.7 Nintendo E Shop Channel
    • 1.8 AR Games Channel
    • 1.9 Face Raiders
    • 1.10 Activity Log
    • 1.11 Download play channel
    • 1.12 Settings
    • 1.13 Other features
  • 2 Johnny's View

Now, when I first tried this system. It looked like a miniature Wii, because it has many channels on it which some of th…

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