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Doom 64 is a graphical improvement of the original game for PC.


Doom guy finds himself the lone survivor of a demonic attack on the Mars colony, now he must fight his way through the demon infested base.

Johnny's Reviews[]

General Thoughts[]

I have also played this on the Nintendo 64. Though it's not like the original, still was a good game. Now I can make a review on this.


The Graphics in this game are what would you expect in a Nintendo 64 game. Though Doom 64 uses both 2-D and 3-D images. The levels are all in 3-D, though all of the enemies and objects are in 2-D. The game also uses a pretty good lighting effect, it's not 4K Ultra like in modern games, but the sprites have a colored glow once then come underneath certain lights.

Grade: B+


The game's soundtrack is a bit of a departure. Instead of the heavy-metal inspired soundtracks the Doom games are usually known for, the soundtrack in this game has an ambient feel, so you'll hear a lot of demonic growls and cries in the levels. You can always adjust the music volume in the options menu.

Grade: D


the sounds of the guns firing and the demons growling are pretty good, but not spectacular. Just more advanced sounds from the original PC game. Though the environment sounds can sound good, like in some levels where you can hear thunder (which adds to the spookiness of the game).

Grade: C-


When it comes to Doom, the gameplay is the game's bread and butter (like every game should be). Apart from shooting all the demons, there's also a good amount of exploration to do (as is the tradition in Doom). The game also introduces the Unmaker (which is unique to this game) and the game's 3 secret levels hold the crystals which power up the weapon. Besides the weapons and demons, some levels also have traps which you must avoid, and not just the crushing ceilings either, but also wall sculptures that shoot darts, or a baited trap where if you fall for it, you'll die. The controls for this game can be something to get used to since you'll have a 2 control stick controller, but this is adjustable in the options menu.

Grade: B+

Replay value[]

Because this is from the Nintendo Switch. There's quite a bit to talk about in this category. Not only are there some passwords that will allow you to access some levels not available otherwise, but in Nintendo Switch Online, there's also a new set of levels not previously in the original N64 game with new layouts and new traps. There's also a password where you can access the game and make yourself invincible, or fill up your health and ammo on the fly, or warp to a level instantly.

Grade: A-

Final Thoughts[]

For a stand-alone Doom game, this is a good play and is definitely recommended to anybody a fan of Doom as well as First-Person Shooters.

Final Grade: B-