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Welcome to my own wikia. This will consist of (of course) video games. Since I was about 5 years old. My parents have introduced me to the world of video games with the Colecovision and the original Donkey Kong. I have dedicated my life to play video games, and I would also like to share with you my thoughts on specific video games, and I will from time to time make up a list of some kind of my favorite video game, video game hero, villain, woman (you get the idea). Well, you can view this wiki all you want and even comment or come up with some suggestions, I am mostly open to anything.


Before you peek in any of my game reviews. I have to say a few things.

One of them is that I only own a Wii, a Playstation 3 and a Nintendo DS. So this will explain why I only put down in my "Available For:" either for Wii Playstation 3 or Nintendo DS.

The other is this (and I'll go on record on saying this as this is coming from over 25 years of video game experience, though I'm not a professional gamer)

All video games are prodcuts of design compromise. Graphics, Music, Sound and Story are 4 contradictory quanities. No video game can have unlimited amounts of one of them without losing another.

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