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MLB The Show 20 is the continuing series of San Diego Studios' famous Baseball game.


All 30 Major League Teams vow to compete for the most coveted World Series Trophy.

Johnny's Review[]

General Thoughts[]

I have played MLB The Show since the 2016 edition. Now that this year's edition has come out, it's time to do my review for the game.


The graphics in this game have improved, somewhat. Though it's not a bad thing, probably to fix some flat areas and to improve on some graphical glitches. But everything looks the same as in last year's edition.

Grade: C


Of course, as with every MLB The Show game, the soundtracks change, but instead of real in-game soundtracks, they use band music, which does change every year. Of course, you can turn them off in the Jukebox menu.

Grade: C


I'm going to sound like a broken record here. As with almost everything else, not a lot has changed with the game's sounds nor did the voices change. The commentators are the same as are the fans' roar at the stadium as well as the sound of wood hitting the ball.

Grade: C


When the game was in development, San Diego Studios had made a promise to improve the hitting which was the problem in the 2019 edition as players complained that even if they squared up the ball and feel that they should get a double, a triple, or even a home run instead they got a routine flyout. It appears that in this year's edition, they kept that promise. The hitting has greatly improved as they added another way to hit the ball called "Perfect/Perfect" meaning if both your timing and your swing are perfect you're guaranteed a hit. Now, you don't have to have this style of hitting in order to get base hits either, the hitting and even the AI of the fielder are more balanced, and you would be happy with this improvement.

Grade: A

Replay Value[]

As with the recent MLB The Show games, there are a lot of game modes. There is the usual Play Now, Road to The Show, Franchise Mode, Retro mode, and others. Again, like with any recent MLB TS game, you collect Baseball Cards and stubs (the game's currency), and you can use the stubs to buy more cards, equipment for your RTTS player. Like almost everything else, not much has changed.

Grade: C

Final Thoughts[]

If you're one of those gamers who doesn't like to see "the same game over and over", you might not want this game. But for those who were really disappointed with last year's edition, you'll be surprised with this year's edition with the improved hitting and more balanced gameplay.

Final Grade: C+