Megaman 3 (NES, 1990)Edit

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Several months after Megaman defeated Dr. Wily again, and it seems that Wily had reformed because he has joined in the "Peace robot" project which consist of constructing a giant robot master known as "Gamma". However, Megaman isn't sure about Wily's involvement in this project. Suddenly, 8 robot masters have attacked in many parts of the world, Megaman must stop these robot masters before they destroy the Peace robot project.


NES Longplay 014 Mega Man 3

NES Longplay 014 Mega Man 3

Megaman 3 has several new features. Not only does Megaman have the ability to slide along the ground (as depicted in the picture above) to cover more ground quicker and slip into tight spots, but it also introduces one of many of Megaman's robotic animal friends: Rush. Rush has 3 features, the Rush Coil which can propel Megaman to areas that are normally too high to reach, Rush Marine which can help Megaman traverse underwater better than he can on his own, and Rush Jet which can help Megaman cross long gaps or even fly over spikes. Once you defeat all of the robot masters, you'll face 8 other robot masters that mimic the weapons of that of the robot masters in Megaman 2, an added bonus to the game's challenge


Not as popular as Megaman 2, but the game did receive a lot of good feedback to it's familiar gameplay and it's high level of challenge.


  • While working on Top Man, the sprite was deleted due to a crash in the game. Keiji Inafune had to re-write the Robot Master from scratch.
  • There are a number of unused graphics for the stages of Gemini Man, Spark Man and Snake Man.
    • Gemini Man's stage was going to look more like it's in outer space as it had a glowing Saturn-looking planet in the background.
    • Spark Man's stage was supposed to have piles of metal junk which Megaman had to traverse.
  • There's a glitch in the game where Megaman would jump from a hole right before he loses a life. By pressing right on the second controller before the game confirms him dead and lose a life, he'll jump right out of the hole.
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