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Streets of Rage 4 is the continuation of the famed Beat 'em up for the Sega Genesis.


10 years have passed since the events of Streets of Rage 3, and Mr. X is finally dead. But another syndicate has risen from the ashes and is now reaching havoc on the city. A former police officer named Axel Stone who has been living life quietly receives a letter from his former partner (and possible girlfriend) Blaze Fielding telling him about the current crime ring led by 2 people calling themselves the "Y Twins". Axel, Blaze with Adam Hunter's daughter, Cherry, and a Cybernetically enhanced fighter named Floyd Iraia are the only people standing between the city and the Y Twins.

Johnny's Reviews[]

General Thoughts[]

I have played many beat 'em ups in my time, Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Streets of Rage. So when this came out. I wanted to try it. Here's my review.


You won't find the 3-D, life-like graphics here. But that doesn't mean this game is a graphical mess. In fact, the graphics in this game are top-notch. The backgrounds are very detailed and it gives that city vibe either it's day or night. Character sprites are also brilliantly well-drawn and very fluid, as are the cutscenes.

Grade: A+


Streets of Rage is famous for the video game music genius of Yuzo Koshiro, and some of his work is in this game, they are great to listen to. You can also choose the modern remakes or the original soundtrack in the options menu. Giving you a great sense of nostalgia and a new twist all at the same time.

Grade: A+


The sounds in the game are also pretty good. The punches, kicks, and even some explosions have that crisp sound. Though, in some spots, it does fall a bit flat as some of the moves and objects have the same sound effect. But this shouldn't be too much of a problem given this game is heavy on nostalgia. There are too few voices in the game besides some quotes and laughs.

Grade: B+


If you know beat 'em ups, then you know what do you, punch, kick, or special move your enemies. Though what this game also has is an easy to understand combo system, and the more hits you get, the bigger your score, you can also chain regular attacks with special moves, allowing you to pile on those hits. There are some enemies that will use weapons and even energy shields to fight you, making you form up some strategy to fight them instead of just punching and kicking them. The bosses also have a pattern in which you need to find the right moment to strike, not to mention that there are traps you must avoid in some of these stages.

Grade: A+

Replay Value[]

After every stage, the game will add up your score to your overall score, in turn it unlocks certain characters, namely the original characters from previous Streets of Rage games, there's also concept art which you can look at.

Grade: B-

Final Thoughts[]

Streets of Rage 4 can do a lot more than just scratch that beat 'em up itch (which today's gaming world doesn't see very much). If you like beat 'em ups, and overall action, this game is right up your alley.

Final Grade: A-