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On our last page, we have talked about the legend of Trevor Belmont and the 3 warriors and the adventures of the Devil Forgemaster; Hector. On this page, we will talk about the adventures of the latest member of the Belmont Clan of vampire hunters, Christopher.

CastleVania: The Adventure (1576 AD)Edit

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It is the 16th century, and the renaissance is upon Europe. French philosopher "Nostradamus" has made an ominous prediction that Count Dracula will rise again in 1999 via a Solar Eclipse and bring about another great war between the dead and the living.

In 1576, a clan of Vampires calling themselves the "Bartley" family and claiming that Count Dracula is their relative have used their powers to resurrect the count and even infuse their power into the Crimson Stone, which will gain power over time to resurrect Dracula every 100 years, thus beginning Dracula's resurrection cycle. As Dracula is resurrected, he sends his evil forces over Wallachia, wanting revenge on the clan who defeated him a century ago; The Belmonts. The next in line, Christopher takes up the Vampire Killer and heads off to Dracula's resurrected Castle.

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Christopher Belmont: The next in line of the now-famous Belmont Clan of Vampire Hunters. Christopher's power is unique as he can make the Vampire Killer throw out small balls of energy from the tip. After hearing of Dracula's resurrection and attacking Wallachia, he heads off to the Count's Castle. Knowing that it's his destiny to fight and silence Dracula.

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Christopher begins his journey as he ventures into a forest. Eventually, he arrives at Vlad Cemetary. He faces off with Draculas vile forces and into a cave and eventually into Dracula's Castle, where Christopher would dodge a series of deadly traps.

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Christopher would eventually reach the top of the Castle and face Dracula himself. After a long, hard battle, Christopher defeats Dracula and escapes from the Castle as it crumbles.


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Christopher watches as Dracula's Castle crumbles to the ground; he leaves believing that he has silenced Dracula for good. But that was not to be; Dracula survived as Christopher didn't fully silence him; with his last amount of power, Dracula escapes from his crumbled Castle. Now, he will abide his time and seek another opportunity to regain his full power.

CastleVania 2: Belmont's Revenge (1591 AD)Edit

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It has been 15 years since Christopher's battle against Dracula, unbeknownst to Christopher that Dracula survived the battle, but Christopher isn't taking any chances. The time has come for the Belmont Clan to name an heir to the Vampire Killer; Christopher has named his own son; Soleil, to be his heir. The Belmonts would hold a ceremony where Soleil would use his instincts and capabilities as a Belmont to defeat the Whip's memory so he can be the next Belmont Vampire Hunter. But the night before the ceremony, Soleil suddenly disappears into the nighttime fog. Christopher takes up the Vampire Killer to find his son; as he ventures into the nighttime fog, 4 mysterious Castles emerge before him. Christopher must venture into these 4 castles to save Soleil.

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Soleil Belmont: Christopher's son and heir to the Vampire Killer. Trained by his father to use a whip effectively and knowing how to take down vampires and other nightly creatures. Soleil was named to be the heir of the Vampire Killer by his father, but he mysteriously disappears into the nighttime fog on the night before the ceremony. Unbeknownst to his father is that Dracula placed a mind-bending curse on Soleil, hoping that the Belmont Clan's power will help regain his own power.

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Christopher ventures into one of the Castles and realize that each of the Castles has a powerful orb held by 4 of Dracula's trusted guards. These orbs contain the power to break the seal on Dracula's castle. Christopher must obtain them all to make Dracula's Castle rise from the ground; after venturing through all of these castles, Christopher obtains all 4 orbs, and the seal on Dracula's Castle was broken and rose from the lake near the 4 castles.

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Christopher ventures into Dracula's Castle, he defeats any of Dracula's minions. He dodges any trap that got in his way until he meets up with Soleil, who is under the influence of Dracula's Curse. Forced to fight his own son, Christopher knows that he must stop Soleil. After a long, hard battle, Christopher can break the hold Dracula had over Soleil. As Soleil came to his senses, he tells his father that Dracula can't tap into the Belmont's power but can use the power of the 4 orbs to regain his full power. Christopher quickly heads to the keep of Dracula's Castle, and he faces the Count once again; and again, Christopher defeats the count and, this time, silences him for good, fulfilling his destiny.


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Both Christopher and Soleil watch Dracula's Castle crumble into the Lake. Christopher and Soleil's combined strength silenced Dracula and ended the battle between Dracula and the Belmont Clan. Soon after, Soleil became a part of the ceremony to become the Vampire Killer; presumably, Soleil became the whip's next wielder.

With this, another chapter of the Belmont Legend has been cemented.

That'll do it for this part; on the next page (click here), we will talk about the many adventures of the next famous Belmont hunter, Simon. Until next time, this is JohnnyOTGS signing out.

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