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As we left off from our last page, we talked about the adventures of Simon Belmont and how he had to burn Dracula's Body to relieve himself and Wallachia from the Curse of Dracula.

We will talk about the next Belmont Hunter, Juste (pronounced as "Juiced"), on this page.

CastleVania: Harmony of Dissonance (1748 AD)[edit | edit source]

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It has been nearly half a century since Simon Belmont relieved Wallachia from Dracula's Curse and Simon became renowned for his deeds. Now, Dracula's Castle has once again emerged in the nighttime. The next Belmont Vampire Hunter, Juste, finds that his good friend and training partner Maxim Kischine was injured and told him that their friend Lydie Erlanger has disappeared. Juste heads with Maxim to Dracula's Castle.

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Juste Belmont: The latest of the Belmont Clan of Vampire Hunters. Juste was training alongside another vampire hunter named Maxim Kischine, and the 2 became friends. One night, Juste finds Maxim injured and was informed that their friend Lydie Erlanger has disappeared. Juste takes up the Vampire Killer and goes with Maxim to Dracula's castle. Juste has inherited Belmont's new powers as he can use immense power with the sub-weapons and can use the elements' power as well.

Maxim Kischine: Juste's good friend and training partner. After completing his training with Juste, Maxim goes on a year of traveling and training alone. He manages to find Dracula's remains (which were supposed to be burned by Simon half a century ago) but found himself horribly injured and suffering from memory loss; he returns to Juste (somebody he can trust with his life) as Lydie had disappeared. Maxim ignores his injuries and informs Juste of what has happened, and he goes with him to Draculas castle. Maxim is a master of not just the sword but also a giant throwing star.

Lydie Erlanger: A woman from Wallachia who both Juste and Maxim knew for a long time. She spots maxim after he returns from a year of traveling, but it seems after she has met Maxim, she has disappeared. Juste and Maxim head to Dracula's Castle to find her as Maxim believed that is where she has last seen her.

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As Juste and Maxim arrive at the castle, Juste still had a bit of doubt that Lydie was brought here, but he trusts his friend and proceeds, though forcing to level his friend behind due to his injuries. Juste ventures into the castle and faces off against the forces of the undead.

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Juste goes through many areas around the castle and even found some items that were of use, especially for the Vampire Killer.

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While exploring, Juste runs into Maxim again and tells him that he has healed enough to explore the castle himself, and he has told Juste that he has regained some of his memory. He even informed him that he had found the remains of Dracula, which supposedly Juste's ancestor; Simon had burned long ago to save himself and Wallachia; the remains are in the castle, and both the hunters now make it their job to find them.

Juste then realizes that there's another castle in another dimension, and there are places in the castle where he can travel to the other castle where he can find Dracula's remains.

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As Juste continues to roam the castle finding Dracula's Remains, Maxim confessed that he spent a year traveling because he wanted to silence Dracula by destroying his remains. He wanted to relieve Juste and his clan of the burden they carried for nearly 3 centuries now. Then, just as Maxim said, he became strange and acting more cold and cruel. Juste, knowing that something is wrong with Maxim. Now Juste makes it his job to save both his friends from the cursed Castle.

Eventually, Juste finds all of Dracula's Remains. But as soon as he finishes his quest, Maxim tells Juste that he has found Lydie, and then in a cold, calculated manner, is to rescue her if he dares. But as Juste arrives, he feels he arrived too late as Lydie had ominous teeth marks on her neck, then Maxim challenges Juste to fight him. It was a hard fight, as both hunters fought valiantly. But as Juste defeats Maxim, he discovers that Dracula's ghost possessed him,

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Juste, believing in his friend, wants to help Maxim to fight off Dracula's spirit inside of him; Maxim manages to relieve himself of Dracula. The still not complete Dracula threatens Juste that he'll use his blood to become whole again. Juste (knowing that he's not intimidated) decides to fight the Count. Because Dracula wasn't complete, Juste trounces him, and with Dracula's Remains, it also silences him.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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A portal opens and consumes Dracula's Castle; both Juste and Maxim watch as Lydie regains consciousness (and her teeth marks gone) after a meaningless argument (which Lydie had to break up. The trio head home.

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