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As we left off from our last page, we talked about the adventures of Juste Belmont and his friends.

On this page, we'll talk about the next Belmont Vampire Hunter, Richter and his friends.

CastleVania: Dracula X (1791 AD)[edit | edit source]

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Richter Belmont: The current heir of the Vampire Killer, after hearing Dracula's resurrection and the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Annette. Richter takes the whip and to not just rescue his beloved but also to silence Count Dracula. His powers are a weaker version of his grandfather Juste's powers but can still use the sub-weapons with immense power.

Maria Renard: Annette's younger sister. Like Annette, she, too, was kidnapped by Dracula's dark forces. She also has immense power as she can command animals.

Annette Renard: Richter's girlfriend, Count Dracula kidnapped her during an attack on a town in Wallachia. She has also caught the Count's eye, who is desperate to make her a vampire; she awaits rescue by Richter.

Shaft: A dark sorcerer who serves Dracula. He uses dark powers not just to attack Wallachia but also to make Draculas forces very strong. He may have some trick up his sleeve for Richter.

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The year is 1791, and on a stormy night, a group of men driven by the darkness hold a ceremony to revive Count Dracula; they sacrifice a young woman as they place her on Dracula's coffin and stab her to death. With the woman's blood, Dracula rises once again and attacks Wallachia.

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As Dracula's forces attack many of the towns in Wallachia (including Aljiba), he kidnaps many women from the region, including Annette Renard, the girlfriend of the current heir of the Vampire Killer, Richter Belmont.

As Richter gets wind of this, he takes his clan's prized whip and sets out to defeat Dracula's Forces and makes an attempt to rescue Annette and the other women.

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Richter arrives in the town of Aljiba as it was on fire from the attack from Dracula's forces; after clearing Aljiba from Dracula's forces, Richter heads off to Dracula's Castle.

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Richter also knew that he must rescue the kidnapped women, he ventures the areas around Dracula's Castle, and he rescues them, including Annette's sister, Maria who insists that she tags along with Richter. Richter eventually rescues Annette, who wants Richter to return safely. Richter also faces Shaft and defeats him, though not before putting a slow mind-bending curse on Richter.

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Eventually, Richter would face off against Count Dracula. Of course, a long hard battle ensues with Dracula being defeated by Richter.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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Dracula lays defeated, but not before giving Richter some threatening comments before he vanishes. His Castle Crumbles to the ground as Richter and the ladies of Wallachia watch from a distance. They head on home, unbeknownst to any of them, that Richter's mind has been cursed by Shaft.

CastleVania: Symphony of the Night (1796 AD)[edit | edit source]

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Dracula has been silenced once again; 5 years later, Dracula's Castle would rise again. But Richter has suddenly disappeared; many believe that he has gone to silence Dracula again. But Annette and Maria were less certain as his recent behavior has him acting very strangely, so Maria, now an adult, sets out to find Richter. Little does Maria know that Richter is plagued by Shaft's curse and is a part of Shaft's plan to resurrect Dracula; with this imbalance of evil, Dracula's son Alucard awakens from his own grave and set out to the Castle.

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Alucard is then stopped by The Grim Reaper, who threatens him if he doesn't stop his attack on Dracula's Castle. He strips him of his equipment, leaving Alucard almost bare.

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Alucard goes through every section of the Castle, defeating Draculas undead forces along the way, as well as picking up any helpful weapon and item he can find.

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Then, Alucard meets Maria. He tells her that his purpose in Dracula's Castle is to destroy it and even tells Maria that the castle takes many forms as Maria doesn't remember the Castle looking the way it does. It's not like what it was 5 years ago.

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In the underground arena, Alucard meets Richter for the first time; Richter then sends underworldly monsters to attack Alucard. Still, Alucard defeats them and ponders on why Richter says it's his castle. 

Still, Alucard continues his journey inside the castle, obtaining any weapon he can find.

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Then, Alucard comes into a cursed coffin. He sees a vision of his mother (Lisa) being executed by the locals of a town. But, she says something Alucard doesn't remember and then realizes that a Succubus was duping him. Alucard trounces her and continues with his journey.

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Many of the evil monsters inside the castle are large and powerful, but Alucard, with his determination, defeats them all. He then runs into Maria, who realizes what was going on with Richter; a curse possesses him; she gives Alucard something called "Holy Glasses," which allows Alucard to see things that are normally invisible.

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Alucard then meets up with Richter again, and after asking him why he is involved in Dracula's resurrection, and Richter says that the fight will go on forever. Still, with the Holy Glasses, Alucard can see Shaft above Richter, Alucard defeats Shaft and relieves Richter from the Curse, weakened Richter tells Shaft has gone through the portal where it's the castle, but upside down.

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Alucard ventures all over the inverted Castle, defeating monsters and gathering helpful items. He even faced the Grim Reaper and recovered his own equipment.

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He would meet up with Shaft, who spilled the beans on his "master plan" to pit Richter and Alucard against each other so Dracula can rise uncontested. Shaft then confronts Alucard and is defeated by the hybrid hero. Shaft then disappears.

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Alucard then encounters his father; after an argument, they fight. After a long, hard fight. Alucard defeats his father, who then asks Alucard what were Lisa's last words before Dracula is silenced; he remembers his wife's last words and then silenced, his castle drumbles.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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As Dracula's castle crumbles, Alucard says goodbye and wishes his new friends well before he leaves. Richter blames himself for what happens, and Maria wonders if he can save Alucard's haunted soul, so she follows her desires and follows after Alucard.

A year later, Alucard returns as followers of Dracula (vampires named Lyudmil and Magnus) want a new leader; they chose Alucard since he is Dracula's son, but he refuses, and he asks for help from Richter and Naria to help him, with their help, Alucard was able to defeat the Vampires. Alucard then goes back into hibernation.

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