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As we left off from our last page, we talked about Richter Belmont and how he was a pawn to resurrect Dracula and where Alucard had to stop it. On this page, we will talk about a group of people that formed the "Order of Ecclesia,"

CastleVania: Order of Ecclesia (18?? AD)[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

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Shortly after the events of Symphony of the Night, the Belmont Clan suddenly vanished. This is because of Nostradamus' prediction that Count Dracula will be fully resurrected by the year 1999, so a member of the Belmont Clan had to hand over the Vampire Killer (who's power went dormant as the Belmont Clan was vanishing) to another family of Vampire Hunters as the Belmonts can't wield the whip until Dracula's return in 1999. With this, the legend of the Belmont Clan and the Vampire Killer merely became legends, and the Belmonts were then referred to as "The Lost Clan of Vampire Hunters," years after the vanishing of the Belmonts, other vampire hunters came in to take their place in the meantime, just in case Dracula returns in some other way. There was one group of vampire hunters calling themselves the "Order of Ecclesia," which was formed to stop Dracula if the evil count were to return.

Ecclesia's order is an organization that consisted of a group of people who had powers to absorb mystical energies called "Glyphs," which they can use. The order has created a Glyph of their own, which they call "Dominus," a Glyph so powerful that it comes with a warning if ever used.

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Shanoa: One of the members of The Order of Ecclesia. She's allowed to absorb the glyph of Dominus but was stolen by fellow Order member Albus. She will then be given the job to protect the order and rescue some of the villagers all across Wallachia. But what Shanoa will soon realize that her job to rescue the villagers would be a part of something sinister.

Albus: Another member of the order, Albus, is also a powerful sorcerer who absorbs the glyph of Dominus before Shanoa was able to. What he and Shanoa will soon realize that they are related.

Barlowe: The Order's leader gives Shanoa the job to rescue the villagers and bring them back safely. But he may also have an ulterior motive for her and the glyphs.

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It began when Barlowe was about to allow Shanoa to absorb the glyph of Dominus until it was stolen by Albus (who is jealous of Shanoa's power and abilities, she would pass out. Once she comes to, she is told by Barlowe that her memory and emotions are also lost. Barlowe tells Shanoa to find Albus, absorb Dominus and bring Albus back to the Order. 

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As Shanoa was trying to find Albus, she realizes that several villagers in a village called Wygol were missing. So Shanoa makes it her job to find and rescue them. They were scattered all over Wallachia, and every corner of the region was full of undead monsters. But with Shanoa's powers, she manages to defeat them.

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Shanoa would travel all over Wallachia and fight huge monsters and avoid traps; eventually, she would find and rescue all of the Wygol's villagers as well as perform some errands for some of them.

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Eventually, Shanoa would run into Albus. Knowing what she has to do (and with Albus being nearly possessed by Dominus), Shanoa must fight Albus and bring him back to the order. After a long and hard fight, Shanoa would win, but Albus would die soon after.

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But as Shanoa absorbs Dominus, she also absorbs Albus' spirit. Shanoa was able to find out some "ugly" truths. Albus is Shanoa's half-brother, and the reason why he stole Dominus and kidnapped those people from Wygol village was to use their blood (as these people were descendants of the Belmont Clan) to help Shanoa destroy Dracula without using Dominus as Albus knows that it'll kill her and that Dominus is made from powers used by Dracula. Barlowe stole her emotions and memories as a means of a sacrifice.

When Shanoa returns to the Order of Ecclesia and informs Barlowe about what has happened, Barlowe then revealed more to her. He indeed stole her emotions and memories as a sacrifice to Dracula and used Dominus to resurrect the evil count. This led to Shanoa and Barlowe; Shanoa defeats her master and even discovers that Dracula's Castle has re-emerged. With no emotions or memories, she knows what needs to be done, venture to the castle, and destroy the count.

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Shanoa ventures to the Castle, and when inside, she has faced and defeated many of Dracula's undead forces.

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Shanoa would eventually face off against Dracula, the fight was long and hard, but out of desperation, Shanoa decides to use Dominus to destroy the Count, despite all knowing that she would die. However, Albus's spirit comes in and wants to use the Glyph in her stead as he not only wants to do his own task he set for himself and save his step-sister. Albus uses Dominus to destroy the Count, but not before hr restores her memories and emotions, and she smiles back to him. Albus destroys Dracula with Dominus, and he disappears. Shanoa then escapes from the castle before it crumbles to the ground.

Though in the shadows, the forces of good have defeated Dracula, and Shanoa now tries to find her own way with the Order of Ecclesia dissolved, and all of its documents vanished without a trace.

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