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As we left off from our last page, we talked about a Vampire Hunters' organization known as the Order of Ecclesia.

On this page, we'll talk about Vampire Hunting during the 2 World Wars.

Prelude: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1896 AD)[edit | edit source]

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Funny enough, the Castlevania timeline also considers the novel "Bram Stoker's Dracula" as a part of the timeline. A group of Vampire Hunters led by the famed Abraham Van Helsing ventured to Dracula's Castle. One of the Hunters "Quincy P. Morris" is the one that wielded the Vampire Killer. But whether or not he used it remains unknown. What is known is that the Morris family are not full-blooded Belmonts, and they can not use the whip without giving up a good deal of their life force. As a precaution, the Morris family made friends with the Spanish "Lecarde" family, who also has powers, and they use them to seal away the true power of the whip, preventing it from being overused.

This would be true for Morris's own son, John.

CastleVania: Bloodlines (1917 AD)[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

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In 1914 (3 years before the events of the game), a Vampiress named "Elizabeth Bartley" (a part of the Bartley clan who claim to be related to Dracula) orchestrated World War 1 by planning to assassinate the Archduke of Austria-Hungary; "Franz Ferdinand" while he was visiting Sarajevo. Now a terrible war is upon Europe, and Elizabeth is hoping that the millions that died from the fighting will bring about Dracula's resurrection, and he can use that army to take over the world.

But knowing that this can't happen, commanders from both the Western Alliance and the Central Powers have agreed to send 2 brave warriors on a quest to stop Bartley.

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John Morris: The son of Quincy Morris, hailing from Texas, takes up the Vampire Killer and heads up to Romania (formerly Wallachia) to stop Bartley.

Eric Lecarde: From the Spanish town of Segovia, Eric Lecarde has superior skills with another mystic weapon known as the "Alucard Spear." He heads off with John as he has a thirst for revenge on Bartley, responsible for vampirizing his girlfriend; he'll stop at nothing to enact his revenge.

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John and Eric venture throughout Europe as they began with the ruins of Dracula's Castle in Austria-Hungary, the sinking Atlantis shrine in Greece, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa, a munitions factory in the German Empire, and France's Palace of Versailles, fighting all of Bartley's undead forces as well as avoiding the deadly traps.

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The 2 hunters would eventually catch up with Bartley in Proserpina Castle in Great Britain; despite Bartley's powers, the hunters managed to defeat her. Eric felt that his revenge is finally achieved and lets John go on ahead to face Dracula.

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John faces off with Dracula, and it was a long and hard battle as John faces 3 forms of the evil Count; despite Dracula significantly wounding John, he was defeated by the Vampire Hunter. Both hunters watch as Prosperpina castle crumbles into the sea off the coast of Britain.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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After their quest, John and Eric became good friends, but alas, they must part ways. John goes back to America to his wife and son, Jonathan. John would teach and train Jonathan on what it is to be a Vampire Hunter, though John would be reluctant to teach Jonathan to use the Vampire Killer, much to Jonathan's chagrin. Eric would return the Alucard spear and lead a more peaceful life; he marries another woman and has two daughters, Stella and Loretta.

But disaster would strike the Morris family; John would die, the Lecardes get news of this and travel to America to attend the funeral. Eric, knowing that John overused the Vampire Killer, is what caused his death. He performs a magical ritual, and his daughters to act as a key to unlocking the whip's true power.

Soon, the world would be enveloped in another major world conflict, and this would bring another way for Dracula to rise again.

CastleVania: Portrait of Ruin (1944 AD)[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

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Eric would train his daughters to be vampire hunters of their own right. In 1939, World War 2 begins, and within 3 years, millions would die. In 1942, a German baron named "Brauner" turned into a vampire after losing his daughters in the First World War. Believing that Eric's daughters are his own daughters reborn, he hatches a plan to lure them into a trap; he kidnaps Eric. Stella and Loretta now set out to find their father.

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Stella and Loretta venture to Dracula's Castle that Brauner claims as his own, and defeats any monster that got in their way. Eventually, they found their father, but what they don't know until it was too late that it's a trap, and their father was the bait as he was mortally wounded.

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Brauner then comes in and vampirizes Stella and Loretta. Eric could do nothing but watch as his daughters turn into vampires. By using his magic, Eric binds his spirit to Dracula's castle. He waits for 2 years until 2 hunters would come to the Castle.

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Jonathan Morris: The son of John Morris, he was taught by his father in the ways of the Vampire Hunter, he is eager to prove himself a worthy hunter just like his father. Along with whips, Jonathan can also use other weapons such as swords, spears, and throwing stars.

Charlotte Aulin: Another Vampire Hunter sent by the church. Being a descendant of the Belnades Clan, he has powerful magic as she can control the 4 elements.

These 2 hunters also have powers that they can combine to use powerful magic when things get desperate.

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Sent on a church mission, Jonathan and Charlotte head off to Dracula's castle, but as they do so, they meet up with a monk named "Vincent Dorin" who was also sent by the church aid to both Jon and Charlotte.

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Upon arriving at the Castle, they see the spirit of Eric Lecarde. Though he wouldn't reveal his identity to them, then a sudden burst of wind comes in, and that is how Jonathan and Charlotte refer to him as (for now). Eric would give them special challenges, and he even informs them that Brauner is a powerful Vampire, and his power comes from the portraits all over the castle.

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One by one, Jonathan and Charlotte went into the portraits (which have a world of their own) and defeated every monster to release them of the evil power, weakening Brauner's power. They faced off with a headless horseman (named Dullahan), they face off with one of the vampire sisters, Loretta telling the hunters that they're progressing with their quest and weakening Brauner's power. Then, they encounter Brauner himself, Jonathan and Charlotte ask him if he's resurrecting Dracula; Brauner denies this as he considers the Count weak due to his past failures; they also encounter the Grim Reaper, who believes that the war has already resurrected Dracula but discovers that he was wrong, and he leaves, only to come up with a plan to use the hunters as pawns to revive Count Dracula.

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While venturing into the Tower of Death, Jonathan and Charlotte encounter Stella and fight her; after a long battle, Stella was defeated, only to have Loretta save her.

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After the sisters escape, Jonathan and Charlotte found a locket (that one of the sisters had on them); they discover that it had a picture of both the sisters and what they believe is "wind" (but it's Eric). As the hunters go back to Eric and show him the locket, he tells them several truths; he is Eric Lecarde, and Stella and Loretta are his daughters. He even tells Jonathan the truth about his father's death as Jonathan believes that John's wounds from his fight against Dracula are what killed him. In fact, John overusing the Vampire Killer as the Morris family aren't full-blooded Belmonts, and why Jonathan wasn't taught to use the whip. Now, the time has come to unlock the Vampire Killer's true power, but because Eric is now dead and his daughters are vampires, it seems impossible. Nevertheless, Eric asks both Jonathan and Charlotte to save his daughters from Brauner and find a way to restore them to humans.

As Jonathan and Charlotte continue their quest, they encounter the Grim Reaper. Though the Reaper isn't working with Brauner, the hunters fight and defeat him. They also discover that if Charlotte can use the special "Sanctuary" spell, which is a potent spell that can turn vampires back into humans. However, it would be a long shot; they decide to try it anyway, they try to find Stella and Loretta. They eventually catch up to the sisters. After defeating them in another battle, Charlotte tries out the sanctuary spell; against all odds, the spell works as the sisters turn back into humans and are free from the hold Brauner had over them. Now with Stella and Loretta humans again, the time has come to unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer. 

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The sisters use their powers to put Jonathan in a daze so he can face the "whip's memory" where he faces a vision of Richter Belmont (the last person to use the whip's true power); after a long, hard battle, Jonathan defeats Richter and has unlocked the Vampire Killer's true power, but the sisters warn Jonathan about overusing the whip. Still, with the knowledge about his father's death, he promises not to overuse the whip.

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Now, the time has come to stop Brauner but is inside a chamber called the "Lost Gallery," which is locked. Jonathan and Charlotte go over the castle to find the keys. As they find the keys and open the Lost Gallery, they face Brauner. After a long and hard battle, Jonathan and Charlotte defeated the vampire, but the Grim Reaper would finish off Brauner. Brauner's death breaks the castle's Throne Room's seal, thus allowing Dracula to be resurrected.

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As with Jonathan and Charlotte having combined powers, too does Dracula and the Grim Reaper, and an epic clash ensues. Eventually, the Grim Reaper was defeated and offered his soul to Dracula, making him stronger. Despite this, Jonathan and Charlotte defeat the evil count.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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As Dracula's Castle crumbles to the ground, Jonathan, Charlotte, and Stella, and Loretta meet up with Eric for the last time before his spirit disappears as Dracula's Castle is now crumbled. The 4 people watch as Eric's spirit vanishes. Now that they came to their senses, they realize that forgotten about Vincent; they go back to the ruins of Dracula's Castle to find him, not knowing that he escaped the castle and is now wondering where his friends are.

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