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As we left off from our last page, we talked about how Dracula got resurrected from the 2 World Wars and how Vampire Hunters stopped him.

On this page (the last page), we talk about Dracula's last battle in 1999, and how Dracula dies, and then the secret battles that took place in the 21st century.

CastleVania: Aria of Sorrow (2035 AD)[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

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Several decades have passed, but the time came, Nostradamus' prediction came true. In 1999 during a Solar Eclipse over Romania, and Count Dracula was fully resurrected, just as he did in 1476, Dracula launched his forces all over the world in the hope of destroying all humans; thus, a huge global war ensued. But like in 1476, a small group of vampire hunters was able to come to face Dracula himself.

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Julius Belmont: After over a century of dormancy, the Belmont Clan returns to face Dracula. He is now the current heir to the Vampire Killer. His powers are like that of his ancestors, and he can summon great powers from the sub-weapons and use the Vampire Killer with great ferocity.

Yoko Belnades: As with Julius and the Belmont Clan, the Belnades Clan has returned after a hiatus of over a century. Being of both western and Japanese descent, she has powers from both ancestries. Not much of a fighter, Yoko helps Julius as much as she can during this battle against Dracula.

They have faced many monsters on their quest; eventually, Julius and Yoko would reach Dracula's Castle at the height of the Solar Eclipse in Romania. Julius would fight against Dracula as Yoko, and the Shinto Hakuba Clan would provide him with the power needed to defeat him. But as Julius defeats Dracula, he uses the Hakuba powers as well as the Vampire Killer to seal Dracula away, but the combined powers of all 3 clans did more than silence Dracula; it ultimately killed him (for good this time) nullified the power of the Crimson Stone (thus ending Dracula's resurrection cycle), and Dracula's soul has split from the Castle as well as seal the Castle into the Eclipse, it also sapped Julius of his memory that endangers the legacy of the Belmont Clan of being lost forever along with Dracula. It wouldn't be until around 36 years that the battle will start anew.

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Soma Cruz: An Eastern European who is studying abroad in Japan. A man of mystery who likes a distant relationship with his friends, though the only person who is a bit closer than a girl named Mina Hakuba, goes to the same school as Soma. In 2035, Soma was going to the Hakuba Shrine (on a mountainside) to watch the Solar Eclipse coming over Japan. But what Soma will soon realize (as he's walking up the shrine steps) is that the Eclipse is more than just a wondrous sight for him. It'll be an awakening.

Mina Hakuba: A descendant of the Hakuba Clan who silenced Count Dracula once and for all along with Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades. Going to the same school as Soma, she is also the only friend Soma has that isn't "distant." But her role in the Eclipse would also be vital for Soma's upcoming adventure.

Genya Arikado: A member of a secret society that tries to keep evil sealed away. He ventures to the Hakuba Shrine to go to the Solar Eclipse, knowing that some evil power resonates from the Eclipse. He is the spirit holder of Alucard.

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In the year 2035, the story of Count Dracula is now merely a story as not a lot of people in the 21st century actually believed it, nor did they believe the legacy of the Belmont Clan. An Eastern European man studying abroad in Japan will meet up with his friend Mina Hakuba at her family Shrine to witness the 21st Century's first total Solar Eclipse. Still, to Soma, the steps leading up to the shrine seemed longer than usual, and he sensed a darkness within the Eclipse. He wouldn't notice until he got there that the Eclipse was holding the fabled Dracula's Castle that was sealed 36 years ago. Dizziness would befall Soma and Mina when the Eclipse started.

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Mina would quickly recover, but Soma would take longer. Still, as Soms comes to, he sees a man (named Ganya Arikado) who tells them that they're in Dracula's Castle, but then a  small monster attacks the 3 people; Soma somehow stops it and absorbs its powers. This is when Soma discovers that he can absorb enemies' powers and use them too. Genya tells Soma that he has to find a way out of the castle (though they are in the Solar Eclipse).

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Soma ventures through the Castle, gaining fighting experience and absorbing the monsters' powers inside of the Castle, even battling big monsters too.

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During his adventure, Soma runs into an American Missionary named "Graham Jones," just a friendly wanderer who discovered the Castle. Though Graham seems nice, that is only now.

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Soma would also meet the legendary warriors of 1999; Yoko Belnades and (an amnesiac) Julius Belmont (knowing himself as "J") during his adventure through the castle as well as a US Army soldier going by his code name "Hammer" who will provide Soma with weapons and other helpful items. On occasion, Soma would return to the entrance to check up on Mina and Genya. But as Soma ventures deeper into the castle, he will gain more power from the Castle's monsters and more experience with weapons too.

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But as Soma would continue his adventure, he would meet up with Graham Jones again, acting more hostile towards Soma. He would also claim that he is the reincarnation of Count Dracula, and the Castle is looking for a new master now that Dracula is supposedly dead. Soma now makes it his goal to stop Graham before he becomes the Castle's new master. Soma gains new powers by defeating monsters.

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As Soma is venturing the underground caves beneath the Castle, he sees Graham trying to kill Yoko and stabs her. Thanks to Soma, she could recover enough not to die; Soma brings Yoko back to the Castle Entrance so she can receive treatment from Genya. With this chaos surrounding the Castle, there is only one thing Soma has to do now, stop Graham.

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Soma would also run into Julius again, who can recover the Vampire Killer and his memories. He now remembers what he must do, and he must stop the Castle from taking on a new master, whoever that may be.

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Eventually, Soma catches up with Graham, who is on the verge of absorbing the dark powers of the Castle. A long and hard battle would ensue, with Soma emerging the victor. But as Soms defeats Graham, the dark powers of the Castle began to be absorbed by Soma. This is where Soma realizes the truth; he is also one of the spirit holders for Count Dracula, as he tells Mina and his new friends that he will not let this power take hold of him.

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Though one man was going to finish the job, Julius Belmont, he would fight with Soma as it's clear now of Soma's origins. A long battle would ensue, and (though not entirely accurate) after the Belmonts victories over Dracula, this would be the first battle the Belmonts would lose to the Count. Nevertheless, Soma promises Julius that he won't let this power take control of him, and Julius makes a promise to finish the job *if* Soma does succumb to his newfound power. Soma will now go to the world of chaos to shut off the source of this power.

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Soma ventures into the chaotic world and faces the evil incarnate of chaos. With newfound support from his new friends, Soma is determined to overcome this power within him and defeat the monster inside this terrible world. After a long, hard battle, Soma was able to defeat the incarnate, and with it, Dracula's Castle was finally destroyed as the Eclipse came to an end.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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As Soma was whisked away from the world of chaos, he was thanked by his new friends (some hope to meet Soma again). As Soma regains consciousness, he finds himself (and Mina) back at the Hakuba Shrine with the Solar Eclipse now coming to an end (and thus Dracula's castle gone); the battle was over, and Soma now has a new purpose in life.

CastleVania: Dawn of Sorrow (2036 AD)[edit | edit source]

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Over a year since the Solar Eclipse, and Soma's new life as the spirit holder for Count Dracula has gotten him worried. As both Soma and Mina were enjoying a day together in the town of Hakuba, they were attacked by a cult, led by a priestess named "Celia Fortner," who is looking to claim Soma's powers to resurrect Dracula and wants to kill Soma to claim it. But they were saved by Genya, Julius, and Yoko. Genya then told Soma that she is after him to claim his powers but insists that neither he nor Mina to get involved in this quest. But Soma doesn't want to sit idly by, and he goes by himself to stop Celia and help his new friends.

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Soma would venture into the snowy forest to stop Celia and determine why she wants him dead. He would then find out that Celia has constructed her own castle and model it after Dracula's.

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Throughout his quest, Soma would be taunted by Celia, but eventually, she would send her own cult members after Soma. Their names were "Dimitrii Blinov" and "Dario Bossi," who, like Graham Jones, was born on the same day, and the same year, Count Dracula died, and like Soma, they're also spirit holders for the Count. Cela wants one of them to be the next "Dark Lord." Sometimes, Soma would run into the 2 men, but eventually, he defeats them, making Celia alter her plans. Celia would try to play on Soma's emotions in some way.

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Eventually, Celia would capture Mina; the person closest to Soma, and (apparently) murders her right in front of Soma; anger settles in, and succumb to the powers within him. But Soma resists and was helped by Genya comes in and tells Soma about Ceia's plan; Soma uses his powers driven by his anger onto (supposedly) Mina, only to find out that it wasn't Mina at all, but a body double. Dimitrii was then revived. With this, Celia goes back to her original plan to kill Soma, making Dimitrii the next Dark Lord. As Soma catches up with them, Dimitrii then turns on his master and sacrifices Celia to a huge demon called "Menace" and is attempting to absorb its powers, but Soma tries to stop him by fighting him; during the battle, Dimitrii's body couldn't handle the power, and his body explodes. Leaving Soma to fight Menace by himself.

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Soma fights the demon in an epic clash, and after a long, hard battle, Soma wins. But the demon's powers were then absorbed by Soma, who once again finds himself on the brink of pure evil. But with his ever strong will and the support of his friends, he resisted the evil powers and was able to escape from Celia's castle before it crumbles to the ground.

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Soma, along with Genya, was able to meet up with Soma's friends. Though, Soma believes that Genya thinks that he (Soma) feels guilt by not accepting his fate of becoming the next Count Dracula. Though Genya does mumble to himself that there ** a need for evil so good can prevail, though it may not necessarily be Soma, somebody else. But, that time may or may not come.

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