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Turok Dinosaur Hunter is a first-person shooter game based on the Acclaim Comics in the 1970s.


A Native American Tribe has been burdened with the task of saving Earth from Dinosaur-like creatures from a strange world called the "Lost Land". Now, an evil leader of these creatures "The Campaigner" is seeking to conquer Earth as he wants to find a weapon called the "Chronosceptor". One Native American member of this sacred tribe, Tal-Set must set out to the Lost land and stop the Campaigner.

Johnny's Reviews[]

General Thoughts[]

I did have a Nintendo 64 when I was just a young gaming lad, and yes I even played this game, and I thought it was all kinds of fun. What do I think about it now? Well, read my review and find out.


The graphics may look dated compared to the "4K Ultra" graphics of games today, but back in the 90s, this was considered revolutionary, though the backgrounds can look grainy and foggy at times, but nothing too bad. The enemies' 3-D sprites move very fluently and quite fast, even for an N64 game at the time especially with no frame rate drops.

Grade: A-


Another thing that I like about Turok; Dinosaur Hunter is the music. The soundtrack for this game uses a great mixture of jungle and Native American Drums to give the game that jungle feel, of course, the drums aren't the only thing for this game's music, you get other good tracks for each of the worlds. But, the tracks are quite limited and some worlds have the same track. However, in some of the worlds, the music changes once you get, say, inside a cave, or underwater. The game lets you adjust the music volume so you can turn it off, or up if you so choose.

Grade: C


The sounds in this game are also good. The gunfires, the sounds of magical whirrs, and even the sound of energy weapons firing. What I personally like is that when you kill a human target, they sometimes scream, and it sounds quite funny. The voices are a bit limited, just Turok saying "I am Turok" when you receive an extra life.

Grade: B+


This page will cover the Nintendo Switch remake. The gameplay is fundamentally the same as it is in the original N64 version. Turok can run, jump, swim (you know the usual stuff). He also faces all kinds of enemies, and not just humans or Dinosaurs, but also bugs, Lizards, Wizards, and other creatures. A wide variety of weapons are at Turok's disposal as he can use his trademark bow & arrow, to a Knife, a Pistol, a Shotgun, and even some of the heavy hitters like the Rocket Launcher, and a Fusion Cannon. Though ammo in this game is quite limited and Turok can't carry a lot at one time, so knowing your weapons is key in this game. The controls in the remake (unlike the original version) is easier since both the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller use 2 control stick as opposed to the N64 Controller having only one. Of course, you can change the control mapping in the options menu.

Grade: A

Replay Value[]

As you may already guess when playing this game, all 8 worlds are *huge* (and I mean it) and this means that there are a lot of areas to explore, especially secret areas, and secret areas usually have a huge, helpful item which you can use. Your task is also trying to find all of the keys in the worlds as they are the tickets to advancing to other worlds, and to find the pieces of the Chronosceptor which is your best weapon against the Campaigner at the end of the game. There's that chance that you may not have gotten all of the secret areas or even the Chronosceptor your first time through the game.

Grade: A-

Final Thoughts[]

Yes, Turok will live on forever in N64 fans' hearts, but it also can be good for the general fan of FPSs too. If you like huge worlds and collecting stuff, I will definitely recommend this game for you.

Final Grade: B