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Hello again everybody. I almost forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago, I bought a book on called the "Hyrule Historia", this is based off of the known Legend of Zelda games to date. I've seen exerpts of this book on many parts of the internet, and wanted the book itself.

As I said before, I'm more of a fan of Super Mario Bros. then Legend of Zelda, but being familiar with the franchise since the very first game, I woud like to share what is in the Historia.

Now, it tells you short stories of all of the Legend of Zelda games that are released up to this point and it even shows you some art work of the characters and even enemies and even have notes from the brains behind the game franchise (E.G. Shieru Miyamoto).

If you ask me, I always believe that the Legend of Zelda games were stand alone games and were not conntected to one another (with few exceptions like the first 2 LOZ games) but according to the Historia, they are all connected with  Skyward Sword being the first, then with Ocarina of Time (widely regarded as the most popular LOZ game) there are 3 possible scenarios that the LOZ story can follow (depending on the outcome). 

Of course, I could just create an article of the Hyrule Historia to tell it in more detail, but that's something I *might* consider. No promises.