Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Johnny's Game Profile. Today I'm going to talk about anothert golden oldie. It is called Milon's Secret Castle.


Milon's Secret Castle (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

Monsters have infested Castle Garland, and it's up to Milon to save the castle and it's queen.



JGP MSC Milon.png

The game's main character. Milon has a very unusual weapon that he uses at his disposal, it's bubbles. That's right, bubbles. He can use them to not just attack enemies but to also break certain blocks in the castle that may reveal a "secret".


There are a variety of items Milon can obtain which can enhance his abilities.

Stage Items


JPC MSC Heart.png

The heart restores one point of Milon's lost health. It is left behind by defeated enemies.


JPC MSC Honeycomb.png

A Hudson Soft logo. Not only will this fully restore Milon's health but will add on to his health as well. Collecting these are crucial when taking on the later stages, they're often inside blocks.


JPC MSC Key.png

In the beginning stages you will need to find a key in order to exit the stage.

Money Blocks

JPC MSC Money Block.png

Self explanitory. These give you money which you need to buy shop items which really give Milon improvements of his abilities. Often hidden inside blocks.


JPC MSC Umbrella.png

These are unsusal finds, but these increase the rate at where Milon can throw his bubbles.

Music Box

JPC MSC Bonus Box.png

These come up like the Magic Mushroom from Super Mario Bros., you must hit a block in order to get this item. But what this does is send you to a bonus stages where you must grab as much musical notes as you can before the bonus stage ends. The double notes count as 1 while the sharp notes (the Tic-Tac-Toe like symbols) give you 2 points and the flat notes (the lower case b like symbol) deduct points. The more points you have, the better cash reward you will receive.


JPC MSC Balloon.png

While in the Castle well, you need to obtain this item from an enemy after you defeat the boss of the well in order to exit the well. Once obtained, a huge bubble will catch Milon and take him out of the well.

Shop Items


JPC MSC Medicene.png

This item costs $5. The first item you can use as this will make Milon shrink everytime he hits a green-colored Boxing glove (which will do damage otherwise) Milon being shrunk is the only way for him to get some secrets in the castle.


JPC MSC Lamp.png

This item costs around $15/$50. One of the more crucial items needed if you're going to traverse the castle well (on the far right of the castle).

Jump Shoes

JPC MSC Spring Shoe.png

This item costs around $10/$16. With this item Milon can jump higher when on a special jumping board.


JPC MSC Vest.png

This item costs $25. Though, not necessary, but highly recommended as this will make Milon more resistant to fire (like the kind in the well), though it isn't perfect as Milon will still lose health while in the fire.


JPC MSC Hammer.png

You obatin this item after defeating the well boss. This is needed to traverse any rooms hidden by the outside walls of the castle.


JPC MSC Saw.png

This is obtained in a secret shop inside the castle, you need the hammer in order to reach it. This item will allow Milon to get into the rooms of the castle via the grated windows.


JPC MSC Blimp.png

This item costs $40. A intiaily funny item to use. But this actually allow Milon to slow down his fall while pressing the jump button.


JPC MSC Feather.png

This item costs $45. This item allows milon to ride on certain platforms in certain areas of the castle. This item is needed if you want to obtain the sword.


JPC MSC Sword.png

This item costs $50. Known as the "Excalibur" in the game, this strengthens Milon's bubbles, allowing to do double the damage as they could otherwise. 


JPC MSC Paint.png

This item costs $40. This is a must when you're in the rooms in the top of the castle as this will allow small blocks to appear when Milon shoots a bubble at them.

Water Bottle

JPC MSC Canteen.png

This tiem is given to you free of charge. This item is needed for fighting the fire based monster in one of the castle's top rooms.

Super Jump Shoes

JGP MSC Super Shoes.png

The most expensive item at a price of $60. This allows Milon to use a spring jump anywhere, not just on a jump board.

Key Items

Crystal Balls

JPC MSC Crystal Ball.png

Not a Fortune teller's Crystal Ball. But these are obtainable after defeating one of the 7 bosses of Castle Garland. With all 7 of these these can give Milon the ability to defeat the final boss.


JPC MSC Crown.png

Obtained by defeating a bat-like creature in one of the castle's top rooms. This is needed in order to fight the final boss.


JPC MSC Sceptor.png

Like the crown, found when defeating a bat like creature in the Castle's top room. This is also needed to fight the final boss of the game.

The game itslef is non-linear, meaning the rooms in the castle can be revisited (especially if you happen to miss something important like a crucial item.

The game is also quite hard as well as not only you have to deal with enemies that re-spawn, but the bosses also have one attack pattern. Bounce around the room and spit blue-colored fireballs at you. There are (as stated before) all kinds of secrets in Castle Garland which can make the game very fun. Though, the hardest thing about the game is that there's no lives, meaning that if Milon gets defeated, it is Game Over and you must start from the beginning, leaving almost no room for error. But there is a cheat that will allow you to continue from where you left off (the last time you've been defeated).

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