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Now, you may have heard that the universe of Capcom, the characters from Street Fighter, Megaman, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, Bionic Commando are once again slugging it out against the finest in the universe of Marvel the likes of Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider Man, The Hulk and others in the new Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite

Right now, thew roster looks very interesting since it already has some familiar faces coming back as well as some brand new faces to go along with those big names. It is also bringing back some old fasdhioned game mechanics, including the use of infinity gems that were used in the Arcade Version of Marvel Super Heroes.

The rows highlighted in green are the confirmed characters, while the ones highlighted in red are the projected characters.

So, I (Johnny OTGS) give you my own personal projection of the roster In Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite.

Capcom Characters
Character First Appearence
Ryu Street Fighter
Megaman X Megaman X
Morrigan Ansland Darkstalkers
Ken Street Fighter
Chun-Li Street Fighter 2
Zangief Street Fighter 2
Guile Street Fighter 2
Sagat Street Fighter 2
M. Bison Street Fighter 2
Cammy Super Street Fighter 2
Akuma Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Guy Final Fight
Cody Final Fight
Haggar Final Fight
Batsu Rival Schools
Kyosuke Rival Schools
Hinata Rival Schools
Zero Megaman X
Dante Devil May Cry
Captain Commando Captain Commando
Nathan "Rad" Spencer Bionic Commando
Strider Hiryu Strider
Jin Cyberbots
Samanosuke Onimusha
Alex Street Fighter 3
Lillith Ansland Darkstalkers
Marvel Characters
Captain Marvel
Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widow
Bucky Barnes
(The Winter Soldier)
War Machine
Master Ultron
Nick Fury
Doctor Strange
Rocket Racoon
Jessica Jones
Power Man
(Luke Cage)
Iron Fist
Dr. Octopus
Black Cat
Red Skull
Green Globlin

A lot of these Marvel characters are what Marvel Studios have the rights to. Since it doesn't have other Marvel Movies such as X-Men and The Fantastic 4, don't expect any characters from those franchises, I apologize to the fans of X-Men (especially Wolverine)

These aren't 100% predictions, and we will never know if any of these projected characters will be in the game, even as DLC. But it's fun to project, right?

What do you think would appear in the next Marvel VS. Capcom game?

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