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Hello eberybody and welcome to another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today I would to talk about a one time action shooter game called Alien Syndrome.


Alien Syndrome - Arcade All clear (Loop 1)

This action shooter game is where 2 people: a man named Ricky and a woman named Mary have to go to several space stations which are rigged to self destruct (due to the massive Alien Infestation) and rescue their "comrades".

Think of it as like Contra almost, because Ricky and Mary use rifles that change their weapon systems once you have a power-up. Theiur guns start out as like short range pea shooters, but they can change it into either a fireball launcher, a flame thrower, a laser gun or even a bomb launcher. Though the weapons don't increase the firepower of the gun, but more or less increase the range since the regular shot doesn't reach real far, and most of the alien enemies you face only need one shot to die.

In each of the rounds (or space stations) you have a time limit (around 200 seconds) to rescue your comrades before the station self destructs. Though 10 are needed in order to face the big boss alien at the exit but you can rescue all of them for extra points.

The arcade version is a fast paced and difficult shooter. You are only given 2 lives and you can't get any more (even if you lost one). Unlike the NES version


Alien Syndrome - NES gameplay

The NES version in comparison to the Arcade version is almost the same, except with the small color pallatte as well as the game being a bit slower than the arcade version and you must rescue all of your comrades (12 in each round). But to counterbalance this, the time limits are longer and you get to collect extra lives. so the NES version gameplay-wise is much more casual freindly than it's arcade counterpart.

It's direct inspiration is definitely Alien which is about space drifters in a sci-fi futuristic environment and on space stations rigged to blow due to dangerous aliens on board.

I have played both versions, and I happened to enjoy both of them.

Well that is it for this edition. Please go to my World and Movies wikis too. Until next time, this is JohnnyOTGS signing out.

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