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Hello everybody and welcome back to another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today we're going to talk about a one time Duke Nukem game: Duke Nukem: Zero Hour.


Now, I'm not a big fan of Duke Nukem, and the reasons are that he's not a humble hero (not like Mario, Link, Megaman, or Ryu) who doesn't treat women very well and has too much self-pride. However, Zero Hour (even though I never played the game looks good on Youtube and was covered well in a few issues of Nintendo Power) it was the Nintendo 64 answer to the other Duke Nukem game for the first Playstation Time to Kill which had a similar story plot.

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour


Duke Nukem Zero Hour - Level 1 Mean Streets

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A race of alien Pigs and Lizards have invaded the Earth, the US Military calls upon Duke Nukem to stop them as they invade New York. But what Duke will soon realize that these aliens have built a time machine to permanently change the history of mankind.

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The game is in a third-person perspective which adds to the character of Nukem and even has some puzzle-solving where Nukem has to find certain keys or another crucial item rather than just blasting his way through enemies to the goal (which is a bit of a departure from what Duke Nukem games are usually known for), as is the somewhat dark nature of the game (the Duke Nukem games are also known for it's dark, gross, and sexual nature of humor as well as satire and references of certain television shows and movies), and you'll find out why later in this page.

Present-Day New York

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Duke starts in New York as he not only gets a message from US Intel about the Alien Pigs and Lizards but also a message from himself from the past (as he also complains about his vacation time). He heads to New York to stop the invasion, and to its source which is at the Statue of Liberty. This is where he discovers about the alien time machine and is whisked away to an alternate future.

This game has a lot of weapons and items to use as well, and the game makes use of all of these too.

M-80 Blaster: Not exactly Nukem's M1911 Gold-Plated pistol he usually uses. But this shoots small balls of plasma which has low firepower but does equal damage to all enemies. Nukem can dual-wield this weapon which somewhat raises the firepower.

Claw-12 Shotgun: This does more damage to all enemies, but it has a shorter range and a slower rate of fire, but by picking up special shells, this weapon can fire automatically raising its rate of fire.

AGL-9 Grenade Launcher: One of the first big guns you can find. This fires grenades (no duh) which can do a large amount of damage, especially zombies. But does little damage to alien Pigs. This weapon can turn into a gas grenade launcher which sucks the life out of certain enemies, though Zombies and robots are immune to the effects of the gas.

.50 Sniper Rifle: Nukem's long-range weapon which does heavy damage to all enemies. But its purpose is to pick off distant enemies and has 3 zooming levels. The weapon can also have the ability to shot armor-piercing rounds which can damage even robotic enemies.

MP-10 SMG: A Sub-Machine Gun which has roughly the same firepower as the M-80 Blaster, but a much higher rate of fire, like the blaster, Nukem can dual wield this weapon.


Night-Vision Goggles: There will be places where there's little (or no) light. This fixes the problem as this will allow Nukem to see in the dark.

Scuba Gear: Nukem can swim in this game, but can't hold his breath forever. By using this, Nukem can stay underwater longer, especially when he finds secret areas.

Medkit: There are 2 kinds of Medkits. One that Nukem can pick up and use right away (which give him 30 Health points) and one he can carry with him and use it when he needs it.

Vitamin X: This is Nintendo's version of the Steroids that are used in original versions of Duke Nukem games. This gives Nukem extra speed and strength for a short time.

Body Armor: Self-explanatory. This protects Nukem from enemy shots and attacks. The armor will also appear on Nukem while it's in effect.


Stick around, because the items in the game will surprise you when you progress through the game.

Alternate Future: Post-Apocalyptic New York

As Nukem goes through the alien time machine, he's transported to an alternate future where the world is devastated by a Nuclear Holocaust (caused by the aliens no doubt) with New York reduced to a snow-covered ruin and populated by not just the aliens, but also zombies. Nukem must make his way through the snow-covered wasteland and to an underground bunker to help out the US Army as they created a time machine of their own.


Sawed-Off Shotgun: An older, but more powerful weapon as it can do twice as much damage as the Claw-12 Shotgun, but it also has shorter range, Nukem must be basically at point-blank range in order to use this gun.

Pipebomb: A classic Duke Nukem weapon makes it into the game. This is a remote detonated explosive and Nukem can detonate more than one at time.

Havoc Multilauncher: This is a rocket launcher that launches 3 rockets at one time which does a lot of damage to even bosses you face in the game. This weapon (once upgraded) can fire heat-seeking rockets that lock on to the nearest enemy.

BMF Thunderstrike: The game's version of the BFG 9000 from Doom. This throws out an electrical ball that once it explodes, eliminates most enemies, another great weapon to use against bosses.

Freezethrower: This weapon can freeze all enemies that will shatter after a few seconds. Though the stronger the enemy, the longer it takes or it to freeze.

The items in this era are the same as in the Present-Day.

Old West-1848

Duke is now sent back into time to try to stop the aliens from permanently altering Earth's history, because of the time machine's system, Nukem had to leave his arsenal behind, forcing him to make do with the weapons in the era he's currently in. He then gets word that the Aliens are planning to plant a bomb in the Earth's Core, which would destroy it. Nukem must stop them. He gets arrested and then breaks out and heads to a fort in the New Mexico territory to head to the Earth's Core.


Peacekeeper .45: The Old West's version of the M-80 Blaster, Nukem can also dual-wield this weapon to slightly increase it's otherwise sluggish firepower. The other thing is that it has a smaller ammo capacity.

.30-30 Rifle: The Old West's version of the Shotguns. It does roughly the same amount of damage but has better range.

Dynamite: The Old West's version of the Pipebomb. It's powered by a fuse which means Nukem will have to be sure he's far away enough from the blast.

Gamma Cannon: During one of the Old West stages, Nukem can find this alien weapon. More than just this game's version of Doom's Plasma Gun as this shoots energy balls that can bounce off walls and can do some damage to even robotic enemies.

Gatling Gun: The Old West's version of the SMG, except it can't be dual-wielded

Nukem can also find his "modern" arsenal in secret areas.


Medicine Bottles: They have the same effect as the readily available Medkits as it gives you 30 health points.

Boiler Stove Plate: The Old West's "body armor".

Doctor's Bag: The Old West's portable Medkit.

Victorian Britain-1888

Nukem is sent back into time again, he is told by the US Military that the Aliens are creating a virus which will resurrect the dead, the Military has upgraded the time machine and it can send Nukem back with his modern weaponry, but this would also damage the machine, so Nukem has to find another way to get back to his time once he's completed his mission. He will also run into the infamous 19th-century murderer: Jack The Ripper as he murders Mary Jane Kelly. He will also go into the underground sewer system.


Bomb: The old-fashioned rounded bomb that we recognize from old cartoons. It's Victorian Britain's Dynamite as it too has a fuse.

Volt Cannon: Not all weapons Nukem finds in the past will be primitive. This weapon shoots a bolt of electricity at enemies.


Breastplate: Victorian Britain's version of Body Armor.

Diving Helmet: Victorian Britain's version of Scuba Gear.

Victorian Britain also has medicine bottles and doctor's bags.

New York-Present

As Nukem returns to the Present, he finds numerous time anomalies as well as evil versions of himself from the different eras, he will also venture to the mother ship of the Aliens so he can stop the invasion once and for all.

The game itself was......middle of the road, to say the least. Though, if Duke Nukem fans had a choice, they would choose this game over Duke Nukem Forever.

Well, that will do it for my latest edition of "Johnny Watches YouTube" Don't forget to check out my other wikis which are the Movies and World wikis. Until next time, this is JohnnyOTGS signing out.

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