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Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Johnny Watches Youtube. Today we're going to talk about an obscured Tournament Fighting Game from the 1990s, Tough Guy: Fighting Titans.


There is very little information about this game, so I'll try my best to fill in some holes about the game.

Tough Guy: Fighting Titans


PC Longplay 710 Tough Guy

Nearest I can tell (and from what I studied) Tough Guy: Fighting Titans is a TFG which was released for the PC in 1994 by a Taiwanese computer company called Panda Computer Entertainment.

The story of the game begins with some kind of Italian Criminal named Cula who practices the dark arts so much that he gained powers, and he decides to use his powers against some of the world's strongest fighters. Being unsatisfied with the opponents he faced, Cula decides to sponsor a worldwide Martial Marts Tournament in hopes to find the fight he truly craves, who will face Cula, who knows?

The Competitors


JTG Lee.png 

A street fighter from Taiwan, and because he's from Taiwan it can be assumed that he's the game's main protagonist. He is basically like Ryu or Terry Bogard, a simple to use character and he has a medium-size projectile, a strange rising punch move and even a cartwheel kick move as well.


JTG King.png

A master of Tae Kwon Do and a native to South Korea. Like most other TFG characters that use Tae Kwon Do (e.g., Kim Kaphwan) his style is predominantly kicks as he can lunge out with both feet out and even has a heel drop move too and a Chun-Li style lightning kick move.


JTG Caoli.png

It's not every day that you see a Japanese woman in a TFG that knows Karate, but that is what Caoli does. Her moves consist of a small projectile which she can throw either on the ground or in the air, a flip kick move as well as an Andy Bogard-style spinning punch move.


JTG Sheana.png

An American Military soldier. Sheana's fighting style consists of fighting with her combat knife she can either use in close quarters or throw it like a Boomerang, she also got a good Tornado Kick move too.

Sheana bears a striking resemblance to Mayday from the James Bond movie: A view to a Kill. In fact, her home fighting grounds also references the said movie as it takes place on an airship that's above the Golden Gate Bridge.


JTG Yun.png

He's a Shaolin Monk from the Shaolin Temples in China (though, he's no Liu Kang or Kung Lao). He's got an assortment of good punching and kicking moves, he can do a multi-punch move and a move that's like M. Bison's Psycho Crusher, though it doesn't engulf his opponents in purple flames.


JTG Madiesha.png

An unusual character, she's a gymnast from Romania and has a few good moves to show for it such as handstand kicks and other kicking moves, and even spinning moves that allow her to avoid projectiles.


JTG Gerdon.png

A heavy metal band member from Thailand that also practices Muay Thai. He throws a giant projectile that goes diagonally up and has some good elbow and knee moves too.


JTG Stan.png

I guess that Russia has a thing for pro-wrestling because Stan fits that in this game. As you can guess, Stan's moves are in the piledrivers, suplexes that he has in his moves, he also has a Super Mario 64-style swing move too.


JTG Chieshan.png

The first "boss" character you face after defeating all of the original 8 playable characters. A master fighter from Nepal, he has a handstand for a fighting stance and has a lot of kick moves which include a Chun-Li style Whirlwind Kick. He can also throw a giant bird-shaped projectile upwards.


JTG Wacker.png

A German (or a Nazi to be precise). Wacker has some pretty cheap moves (of course, he's a boss character *and* a Nazi) It consists of a giant projectile the shape of a Swastika, a short-range barrage of smaller projectiles and can stretch his hands to attack opponents in the air.


JTG Cula.png

The game's final boss. He uses his powers to fight against his enemies. He uses a weird one-handed style of fighting as he can throw a projectile down to the ground which explodes, causing heavy damage and uses an upward punch move (though he's still on the ground when performing this move).


JTG Jaw.png

A secret fighter you face when you meet a certain criteria in the game. He's got some pretty impressive moves as he has an energy bursting punch as well as a medium-sized projectile and has a sweeping kick move too.

The game

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It appears that the game plays a lot like Street Fighter and the SNK Fighters like Fatal Fury as the motions required to perform the special moves are fundamentally the same, only in Tough Guy you can manually fill up your special move gauge as well as your health meter, though it leaves you vulnerable. The game also has bonus stages, but instead of beating on a car, a pile of bricks, wooden barrels or even metal drums, you face 2 other characters in the game at a ramen noodle eating contest, you have to be the first to eat 5 bowls of ramen noodles to win and get bonus points. Like most console-based TFGs in the 90s, there are codes you can use that'll allow you to fight as the previously non-playable characters, and you must play the game on normal difficulty or higher in order to see your chosen character's ending.

Initially, when the game came out, there were issues of slow frame rates and difficulty to perform the special moves because of it. But fans of the game have gotten hold of this and made some modifications such as fixing the frame rate so that it runs at the same rate as other TFGs, making filling up your special move gauge more streamlined and make the boss characters playable right from the start, also Wacker and Jaw are re-named Dietrich and Zhao respectively. The character endings are also in English.

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